Thursday, March 18, 2010

User Polls-

Hello everyone.

As you all now know, we are moving to in April 2010!

The new website will have many features that will enhance our community experience as we research and shop for the best designer replicas in the WORLD!!! lol...ok...well at least the best we can find.

Anyway, as part of the content development process, there will now be polls featured on your right hand side of this blog. Please participate in the polls by answering the questions listed. I plan on changing the questions every 3 days, so please check back often to participate in the new polls. Each poll will only be up for 3-4 days depending on the responses.

Thanks for reading, and patience! And most of all thank you for all your imput and support! I love our blog!!! Cheers have a safe day!

The first 4 User Review Websites-

Please participate in the review of the following sites: Feel free to be as detailed as possible. Even if you have never made a purchase from the site, you can still participate by letting us know how you feel about the site, quality of bags pictured etc. Every opinion goes a long way towards determining the best websites for various replica styles and makes.

If you have any pictures of the products you bought and would like to share them with us, please send me an email with the pics- If you wish, include your "user name" so I can acknowledge your contribution.


Review Questions:

1. Website Format ....ease of use.
2. Order Process
3. How did you pay?
4. How was the customer Service?
5. How long did shipping take?
6. your location?
7. any contact names?
8. Tell us about the quality of your Replicas.
9. What Designer Replica did you purchase?
10. Would you order from here again?
11. should this site be a yes or a no?
12. Any other information you would like to share???

Thank you all so very much!!

......Please check back in a couple of days for more website names to review.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Guru needs ur help....

While we prepare to transition? our new website, I will be asking you all to participate in reader polls and website reviews, to help create a meaningful resource on the new website. As I need each new bit of information, I will put up a post asking for the required...assistance. Please be as open and detailed as you want on each post...the more info the better.

I need the help of each of you to leave feedback of your experiences on a variety of websites that I will be listing in the next few posts.

I would like information such as:

Customer Service, product quality, website navigation shipping charges, etc.

Mostly these will be websites, I have never ordered from ( There are 100's of them ...we won't list them all), but seem to have potentially good products. Of course in order to ensure the system is unbiased..I will favor opinions of users who frequent our blog and leave posts as well as those who have a user name. Nothing against everyone else...but I want to make certain we are getting reviews from actual buyers and not sellers.

Anything you can do to help will be wonderful....just for fun...below is my newly coveted bag...I gotta find the best place to buy it!

Is't this just pretty? I need to find out what the interior should be like.

Just great for summer!

Have a good day everyone and thanks for your help!

.....above pics taken from

The Site is Moving Soon!!!! Stay tooned!

Hello everyone!!

I am still here and working hard. You havent seen me in a while because I am developing a new website !!! Coming in April  2010!
See, we have such a large following, a ton of newbies and so much information being shared. It has kind of become very hard to keep track of comments, responses etc. Alot of questions are repeated and it's really become a very big challenge.

My goal is to create an experience where everyone can participate, and we can have productive discussions about our love of Replicas!!!

Check back often to find out when the site will be 100% functional!!! Coming in April 2010!

What is the New Website going to feature???

Well first and most importantly...The Blog WE LOVE! Will be the primary feature! Still great conversations and research about our replicas!!! We will have more control over design and format and the best part....A discussion forum will play a huge part of the new site. The tutorials have been completed, with fab pictures explaining key aspects of some of the classic bags we love...helping us make better choices as we shop.

Some of the forum discussions threads pre-developed:

Buyer Beware! - Is a section where we can vent our issues with the various replica websites we have purchased from. Before making that coveted purchase...readers can check this section out to see if the site has good reviews.

Have you seen it? - an area we can upload pics of what we are looking for in hopes that a fellow reader might have come across such a bag, shoe....replica on their own shopping expiditions

and so much more!!!!! You will love it!

The best part about is now everyone can be apart of the site. Registered members will be allowed to comment on blog posts, upload pictures of your purchases or even of bags you want.

Registered Users
Yes .....Registration will be a key part of the new site. I have noticed we are getting alot of spam. I try to delete...but we just get more. This problem was a huge part of my wanting a personal site we can control. In order to participate and have full access to the wonderful features of the will have to register. (Every part of the site is free!) The blog aspect will be available to everyone...but you won't be able to comment or ask questions without registering. Don't worry...we won't need ur personal, email, user name and password and verification of the security code. That it.

Another reason registration is important is... I have no intentions what so ever of sensoring or preventing dialog...good or bad. But should we get folks who are disrespectful, degrading and disruptive I would like to be able to make limit their presence on our site.

So...ladies and gents, this is what THE GURU has been doing for the last 6 weeks. I love this and thought we should expand into something bigger and better. I have made lots of Authentic( well one...the economy is so bad) and a few replica purchases that I'd love to share!

Thanks for reading and see you soon at !

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Why some of the sites Don't take can still trust them!

I know that for many of us (or really all of us) it is very important to use a secure method of paying for our replicas.

You have to understand why several sites do not accept paypal:  Their accounts where closed for counterfeit violations. It's just that simple. No other reason, really.

See, Paypal is an Ebay company. A venture Ebay set up to enable secure payments for the services sold on their site. Intially paypal worked under any circumstances but as the number of replica goods sold on the site increased and the claims of misrepresentation of auction listings increased...the Designer companies pressured Paypal to no longer accept payments from or for anyone who might be purchasing or selling Replica goods.

What happens is the website...for example intially was set up to accept paypal. When giving us "the buyer" payment instructions they likely told "us" not to mention Replica anywhere in the memo. We, "the buyer"...being what we are....went ahead and mentioned Replica item in memo. Paypal would then flag the transaction and shut down.

Long story short..... Just because a Site does NOT accept paypal does not mean the seller is untrustworthy for our purposes. Just means a buyer like you and I didnt follow simple instructions and as a result we all lost the privilage.

So no ok. Just make sure you use your common sense before you buy.

The big Lawsuit -RUNWAYHANDBAGS.NET....It's not a big deal....

So it's true. The sites formally known as: and many other have been sued and shut down by Louis Vuitton and Chanel.

This is really nothing for you to be worried about. We are shopping for goods that are made and sold illegally. It doesn't mean they where making false claims of authenticity or the like. It just means that the big guys, Louis and Chanel caught up with them and did something about it.

Since most of these sites and sellers are based in China....the lawsuits are really just a formality because there is no way to actually collect any winnings or enforce any verdicts. Our friends at are still functioning under a different name....

I trust these guys. They have been good to me...and many of us on this site. A couple of ladies have had bad exeriences however so as always use your best judgment!

I have taken the sites related to this situation off of our tried and true links.

Happy Shopping!!! :-)

Answers to some really great Replica Related Questions!!!


So I have spent the last couple of weeks lurking and browsing and working myself into a state of complete frenzy! This blogging business is really no joke! And since I took sometime off....well I have tons of catching up to do.

To start I see alot of our "older" readers have really taken the reigns and helped in answering alot of the questions our Newbies have asked! Thank You guys so much! It's great to see this site has really become a network of great folks looking to buy some good quality Replica Bags....and shoes....and watches....and jewelry...and...well you get the idea. LOL!

There are tons of questions being asked that will be addressed in the next several posts. Feel free to comment or ask more questions along the way. Please be patient as I get through the last 2 months of posts...cause as you can imagine, it's alot.

I bought some new bags recently, as soon as I will be up. After basic questions have been answered we will get back to Site Reviews...etc.

I will also be remodleing the site a bit in hopes of making it user friendly.