Wednesday, March 17, 2010

The Site is Moving Soon!!!! Stay tooned!

Hello everyone!!

I am still here and working hard. You havent seen me in a while because I am developing a new website !!! Coming in April  2010!
See, we have such a large following, a ton of newbies and so much information being shared. It has kind of become very hard to keep track of comments, responses etc. Alot of questions are repeated and it's really become a very big challenge.

My goal is to create an experience where everyone can participate, and we can have productive discussions about our love of Replicas!!!

Check back often to find out when the site will be 100% functional!!! Coming in April 2010!

What is the New Website going to feature???

Well first and most importantly...The Blog WE LOVE! Will be the primary feature! Still great conversations and research about our replicas!!! We will have more control over design and format and the best part....A discussion forum will play a huge part of the new site. The tutorials have been completed, with fab pictures explaining key aspects of some of the classic bags we love...helping us make better choices as we shop.

Some of the forum discussions threads pre-developed:

Buyer Beware! - Is a section where we can vent our issues with the various replica websites we have purchased from. Before making that coveted purchase...readers can check this section out to see if the site has good reviews.

Have you seen it? - an area we can upload pics of what we are looking for in hopes that a fellow reader might have come across such a bag, shoe....replica on their own shopping expiditions

and so much more!!!!! You will love it!

The best part about is now everyone can be apart of the site. Registered members will be allowed to comment on blog posts, upload pictures of your purchases or even of bags you want.

Registered Users
Yes .....Registration will be a key part of the new site. I have noticed we are getting alot of spam. I try to delete...but we just get more. This problem was a huge part of my wanting a personal site we can control. In order to participate and have full access to the wonderful features of the will have to register. (Every part of the site is free!) The blog aspect will be available to everyone...but you won't be able to comment or ask questions without registering. Don't worry...we won't need ur personal, email, user name and password and verification of the security code. That it.

Another reason registration is important is... I have no intentions what so ever of sensoring or preventing dialog...good or bad. But should we get folks who are disrespectful, degrading and disruptive I would like to be able to make limit their presence on our site.

So...ladies and gents, this is what THE GURU has been doing for the last 6 weeks. I love this and thought we should expand into something bigger and better. I have made lots of Authentic( well one...the economy is so bad) and a few replica purchases that I'd love to share!

Thanks for reading and see you soon at !


amalia said...

Dear Guru we are looking forward to seeing the new site...when will it come up?

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