Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Guru needs ur help....

While we prepare to transition? our new website, I will be asking you all to participate in reader polls and website reviews, to help create a meaningful resource on the new website. As I need each new bit of information, I will put up a post asking for the required...assistance. Please be as open and detailed as you want on each post...the more info the better.

I need the help of each of you to leave feedback of your experiences on a variety of websites that I will be listing in the next few posts.

I would like information such as:

Customer Service, product quality, website navigation shipping charges, etc.

Mostly these will be websites, I have never ordered from ( There are 100's of them ...we won't list them all), but seem to have potentially good products. Of course in order to ensure the system is unbiased..I will favor opinions of users who frequent our blog and leave posts as well as those who have a user name. Nothing against everyone else...but I want to make certain we are getting reviews from actual buyers and not sellers.

Anything you can do to help will be wonderful....just for fun...below is my newly coveted bag...I gotta find the best place to buy it!

Is't this just pretty? I need to find out what the interior should be like.

Just great for summer!

Have a good day everyone and thanks for your help!

.....above pics taken from


Anonymous said...

You might want to change that link in this post. It directs you to a selling site, and not your Under-Construction site.

dollbot said...

i want that bag too!!!!!!!

The GURU said...

ur right! Thanks...just changed it.
@dollbot...isnt it just beautiful?

Anonymous said...

Your timing of the LV Messenger bag is hilarious. Up until last night I have been seeign this bag all over the web on celebrities and runway pics and I thought "Who the Hell would wear that?"

Now all of a sudden I am in LOVE with this bag and have to have it. Im having a tough time choosing the color though.

THe only thing that bothers me about the bag si that I feel the fox tail will look really fake in the replica version and will be a dead give away.

The GURU said...

Yeah. If we get the bag we will have to detach the tail hairy thing (its like a key clip thing). No way the fox tail will plume as big and full as the authentic version.
It's a bit outlandish I guess it would be fine to take it off.

I can't decide on the color either. Or really even the style. As a whole the color choices are a Bluish thing, this fushia-ish thing, the green-ish thing and a orangey-yellow??? -ish thing....I'm not a very bright its a hard choice. But I'm leaning towards the two posted. I will be going to Rodeo in a couple weeks and hope to get pics at the LV store of the authentic bag...or at least find out what the interiors are like.

I will let you know what I find!

Anonymous said...

I went to the LV store yesterday to see these in person.

Here is what I found out:

The smaller size (Sunshine)only comes in two colors pink and blue.

The larger version (Sunrise) comes in two colors as well orange and blue.

It seems that the green was only produced for the runway and not going to be available in stores. I only got to see the pink one up close and the interior seems to be a pinkish tones seude liner.

The bag is really nice and the hardware is different shades of pink. Im gonna wait to see if the replica version gets better in the next month or so before I purchase it. The replica fox tail is pathetic when compared to the real one. I actually saw one site selling it and it had a face with eyes and everything on it. It was pretty funny.

The GURU said...

Oh my! Thank you for the info! I am yet to see these bags in person. Good to know about the colors!

Yeah, I was thinking I might have to wait a while longer for them to perfect the for that tail thing....I doubt that will ever be 7star.

Thanks for your input!!! So helpful!

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★maLeeka★ said...

ahhh...i have been coveting this bag like crazy ...sunshine in bleu !!! Would wait for some more replica reviews !

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Anonymous said...

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