Sunday, November 15, 2009

An apprecited note from a reader & contributer ~~~PLUS~~~ The Gruru's Response!

From Sara ( reader and appreciated Contributor)
Hi ladies, please dont all take this the wrong way but i feel this needs to be said. scrolling through some comments i feel that everyone is asking the guru what to buy,sometimes being a bit stroppy if not replying early enough. yes she has experiences and a good eye but she is only doing what we all could do, it feels like no one will buy unless the guru says so, we ALL have to take the plunge and buy something and share our experiences.It cant just be left to one person. If you dont like what you buy do you blame guru? if we dont we will never know what is good on one site and what is not so good. i have just read about the gurus friend who found iofffershoes good. I personally did not, my shoes were not leather and the quality was bad, if i had not taken the plunge myself before this site exsisted i would never have known what for me to avoid. manolos on this site are bad.Louboutins maybe great.

The guru does this in her spare time as she enjoys it but- as guru says not one site can offer everything, its a chance you take when buying counterfeit. im really not meaning to offend here but ladies be brave and try,(i know some people are) we have been given lots of starting points and guru cant possibly look up everything for us, this is a site for sharing, for all of us. the more who try the more advise we get and then we all benefit. happy shopping x


The Guru's Response

Hello Sara,

No offense taken! You are so correct!!!
Each of our experiences will be totally different. That is why the goal is to review and try as many sites as possible to offer just a starting point towards us buying our coveted Replica Bag.

I don't mind reviewing bags, shoes or whatever (it brings me such joy)...but what I offer is just my opinion (which I try to make clear when I make my posts, reviews e.t.c).

I spend hours, days and weeks researching a bag before I buy anything. I look for the best possible replica, trying to ensure that the fabric, hardware, stitiching, quality...etc is point on. This process does take time. I try to put in this same time (maybe not weeks...) when I review specific requests for readers as well. I try too.
As for doing this in my spare time...LOL!!!

I have 3 kids. A 3 year old...and 18mth old twins.... I have no spare time!!! LOL

I mean to offer way more reviews, site opinions etc but time runs away from me...which is why most of my posts are at 2am!!!
But I do enjoy this hobby of mine and take it very, very seriously!

I thank you all so very much for reading this blog. Please continue to share your opions and experiences. We can help each other! I really refer to the blog as "ours" because in truth no one person can offer all the answers!

Thanks again! Stay safe -
the Guru


Anonymous said...

your very welcome, just had an image of you hunched over your computer, steam coming out of your ears, fingers worn down to the knuckle as you desperately tried to cover the whole world wide web for everyone lol. there are millions of replica sites. your kids would be drawing their pensions by the time you finished.
and where you find the time?......3kids under 5!!!!! and still time for this- man you must really like handbags!
anyway i have some replicas to buy as my christmas list is going well, and im not sure i can just let my other half choose without at least some guidance, he finds it so funny how i can sit hour after hour staring at bags, shoes etc. ah it is such a struggle (not!)
take care

Anonymous said...

Hi Guru,

Thanks a lot for your time, I am sure all readers appreciate it. Like Sara, I too feel that there should be more sharing of experiences, right now most of the traffic is just one-way!

Here I am sharing my experiences - not many so far but will hopefully have more to share in the future! :) I did not write it earlier because I have only experimented with 2 sites about which are already "tried and true". But I hope the reviews will benefit some readers. (Ordered 2 months ago): Overall: Order took a few days to arrive (over 10 days). I had mailed them many times with questions before placing my order, always got professional answers. Paid by Western Union.
Regarding the specific bags
LV Epi Lockit: Excellent quality, can't fault it at all
LV Damier Speedy: Excellent as well. I have a Damier wallet, compared the leather, finish, colour, look: very pleased.
Gucci canvas wallet: This was also perfect. I have an original in another size and compared the two - was absolutely great quality. Although after 2 months of regular use, I can definitely say that the wear and tear is slightly (but nothing to be scared of I guess) more than the original's.

CnReplica: I think the quality here is more varied (hit or miss). I haven't yet placed a handbag order from here, but have had reasonable amount of communication with Sanm to know that some of the 7-stars are not 7-stars. So please look hard. I asked about a BV bag, he added it next day on his website. Instead of a biege suede interior, it had a grey/black one. He said it was because a particular customer had requested that colour!! He's quick to respond to mails, but perhaps too eager to get you to buy. Highreplica was more professional. I did order some Louboutin boots - the quality and finish was quite good. I have a pair of originals (pumps) and compared the sole, leather, etc. The boots were quite good I think. Leather quality also good.

(I have been on the lookout for a BV ever since Guru started this blog! No luck yet though.)

Other sites I like (though not tried)

Sites where I am positive the BV's are not great
1. buebag
2. Exacthandbag
(no suede lining in both)
These sites may be good for other bags though.

Regarding helping other people - I really think Guru is a champ at that! I can offer opinions on what I have ordered and bought, but don't have a good eye to review bags on the screen. Plus I don't own that many bags myself to know the originals in and out. I am sure some of us are better at looking at websites, the others at being a little adventurous and placing orders. Please share whatever experiences you have. It will help all of us.


- Vicky

PradaFan said...

Hi There,

I agree, it is also not really fair on the Guru if you have a bad experience with someone reccommended on this site. I have taken the plunge with cnreplica bags, Prada nappa tote 2009/10. I have ordered one item to start. Once I have recieved this I hope to order a Chloe Python Paratay in red and a pair af gorgeous Loboutins (strappy black and gold heels). samn seemed offended that I would not order more for my first order, he asked if I did not trust him, didn't seem to understand that a buyer may have concerns dealing with an unknown supplier and paying by Western Union. Guru, are there reviews any where on his site? I'm kind of hoping what he saves on a tricked up web site is to the benefit of the buyer (his prices are a lot cheaper than other sites). I will do a review once I receive the bag (I am going to have a good look at an authentic one later in the week).

Happy Hunting

Nisha K said...

Hi Everyone,
I just wanted to share my experience with I bought a LV suhali tote in verone color. It looks very nice and looks exactly like the original. Though I am not an expert in bags, I think it is a very good replica.

I also liked the customer service. I was so skeptical about buying a bag online. But she always was there to answer all my questions and I was constantly updated about where my shipment was.

I would definitely recommend this site.


Anonymous said...

yay, there you go, thats what we should be doing. thank you so much to the last two comments, i couldnt agree more. I myself are one of those people that doesnt necessarily have the eye but might be more of the brave sort- having bought replicas for about 10yrs. I'm far far too impulsive but im happy to go with a transaction. Ive had a few near misses especially with ebay. It drives me potty that they maintain authenticity when its clearly clearly not. just admit its fake and sell for a sensible price rather than trying to rip people off with a 'cheap authentic' when its really an expensive replica.In fact i dont even bother with ebay anymore, wouldnt believe anything was 'real'on there now, especially as some replica sites will even send you the official looking receipts and paper work.
The most annoying is being stuck with customs charges, sometimes had to pay an extra £70 just to receive! so i always check now that they put gift and low value Ive also had things delivered hidden inside cheap plastic toys so it passes customs (all very cloak and dagger lol)but at the end of the day ive also had some great stuff too. we can protect our purchases through reasearch and sharing experiences and that comes from us.
by the way Nisha the site you are talking about is apparently run by someone who started off a bit like the guru has, she used to chat on a communial blog and spun off to her own blog, since then she has decided to source stuff herself and sell. this all sounded great and she is good at replying to emails etc, but i looked again recently as she had only just started when i looked at her site and wanted to see if progressed, but im not so sure now if she is what she says, something doesnt sit right but Im not sure what, but hey if the replicas are good then im not complaining!
thanks again for everyones input

Anonymous said...

sorry meant to say thank you for last THREE comments not two

PradaFan said...

I have had quite a bit of e-mail correspondence with justlikethereathing, I believe she is genuine. There is a great post on her blog about buying replica's.

Have a great day.
(wow, it's under 100 degrees today!!)

PradaFan said...

Hi Guru,

Is there anyway of finding new postings as opposed to going into each thread to check if there are new comments? Thank you for the fantastic job with this blog.


The GURU said...

Thanks to all of you for your wonderful comments! I am so proud!!! Lol!
Please keep reading, buying, posting and reviewing!
the Guru

The GURU said...


Hello! I really don't know. I think if you suscribe to the blog you get everything that anyone posts. But I'm not certain. I will try it and let you know.

PradaFan said...

Hi Guru,

I logged on to my blog and checked to follow you and now all is well in the world :)

Thanks again for being so fabulously generous with your time and sharing your experiences.

Can't wait to get my first from sanm - he is a funny guy isn't he. I have received heaps of e-mails from him and quickly, so maybe he has improved.


Michelle said...

Hey Guru
I am sooo impressed, i also have twin 16 months old and an almost 3 year old and have no time for anything let alone setting up this awesome blog. After reading your review i purchased a Gucci Pelham from I was contemplating the real thing and have been to Gucci several times looking at that and other bags, also looked on ebay and thought i would probably be buying a fake anyway. So glad i bought from cnreplicabag, great bag i still cant believe its a replica (fake sounds too cheap and nasty and this bag deserves more) Sanm was fantastic and received in 5 days to Sydney Au. Thanks for your advice. I would love to post some photos so all can see, maybe i can send them to you or tell me how. Thanks Again Michie x

Zaheer said...


I am interested in buying a replica bag. I have bought from this website before and was very happy with it, therefore, want to stick to this website! Can you please tell me if these bags are true replicas or not. I want to know if Prada/Fendi actually made these designs and how close they look to the original. Any help will be appreciated! Thanks!



PradaFan said...

Hi to All,

I received my Prada Nappa Hobo. Checked out the details all looks well. The lining is true (one row of PRADA face up, one face down, very elegant lining. Zip is a lampo, harwdare is all the same colour with correct stamping. Not sure if the inside tag is correct (square no triangular, but it is well stitched and studded). Dust cover is a bit off not felty more flannel. Authentication card is wrong states material as Tessuro (this should be Tessuto - and in any case this bag is calf) Colour is also stated as Ebano (coffee). It's black. Apart from this I believe it passes muster.

I have ordered these and will review them once they arrive
Jimmy Choo


Dimia said...

Dear Pradafun
I would be very uch appreciate if you could tell me your opinion about the Prada,Jimmy Choo and Cucci order from

Thanks Dimia

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