Wednesday, November 11, 2009

The HUGE Debate!!! - A total Must read for EVERYONE!!!

I've been following the blog at slight distance because I haven't had time to really respond to all the discussions taking place! I love that we finally have a place to discuss the Replicas we LOVE and hate!

There is a bit of a misunderstanding that I think we should clear up right away!!!

Which sites are the best???

First off - there is absoulutly NO perfect site. None.Zilch. Neiente. I am yet to see a single site that has exact replicas of every single bag, style or designer they carry. It's virtually impossible. is impossible.

We are buying fakes. Lets not make it sound better than they are. The bags we buy are only as good as the replication process in place by the manufacturers and that depends on what they were looking at when they made the bag.

Site Reviews-

When you read my reviews of sites, you will find that I try to take a sample of the various designers and work my way through, picking out the most requested designers on this blog. I'm not sure it is possible to pick out every single bag and designer to review. So I randomly choose between 5 - 10 bags mainly, LV, Gucci, Chanel, Balenciaga, Prada, Fendi...etc ( I guess Kinda depending on my mood...but always atleast the top 4  designers I mentioned). I then list my finding for everyone to see, and hopefully you can make some opinions of your own. You will find on several of these reviews where I say.."Check out the Chanel...ignore the Gucci etc"...(because I likely found something wrong with a majority of that designer.)

Some sites do better with certain bags and not so well with others. I have totally bought LV's on one site but hate the quality and look of their Chanel bags. And vice versa.


It really is a research game in our field of intrest. LOL.

Thats why this blog is so important. If we can narrow down which sites have the best what ... our life gets a little easier. : Please read my review of this site. not for everyone. For one its a Western Union only site. Not good for the faint hearted at all! Sanm is also one of the poorest communicators none to mankind. He is as sweet as can be, but he is also very slow. And most importantly...he has tones of 7Star Quality bags that have never been made and he has other random quality bags mixed in for good measure. Shop with care, but he does have a great selection and everything I have bought from him has made me very happy. : Where are they? I've gone ahead and requested a refund from Western Union. Anyway, These guys do have a better site, but some of their bags are " never been made". They also have a few...I wouldnt call them poor quality...but poor replicas. I have bought a bag here (way to soon) and it was just a bad replica. I didnt return it..but could have. Otherwise..everything I have bought before and after I have been happy with. : Great for accesories. Shoes etc. I have bought one bag here and was happy with it. However a lot of the pics they have are not that great so I avoid the bags. : I love this site. It's up there with runway and is were I will turn too when I get my Western Union refund. They do have some "never been made" bags and some questionable Chanels...but the rest look pretty good. Not all the Chanels are bad...the Gucci looks great and I'm happy with the Louis Vuitton. So If you shop almost everything but the "sale" section. I think thier stuff looks good. I think we are still pending a review of this site...but I like it. Just avoid the sale section!!!

And there are so many more...please check out the Site Reviews.

The bottom line is ...there are never any guarantees. If a pefect site changes a supplier...suddenly the quality changes and its over. So we must inspect each picture and share our experiences.

I hope all this information helps!!!

Thanks for reading guys!

More to come!

Please really study the pictures of each bag before you buy!!!


Anonymous said...

please help me, where should I buy chanel 2,55; beige??? I am looking at different sites for a month and I am kinda getting lost now... what do you think about this one

red said...

hi there guru! you've truly been an angel to us all:) thanks for sharing your insights regarding knock offs. i used to buy only the real thing but the economic crisis made me resort to not the real thing! haha!!! i have my own share of buying from sightfocus (love it coz they accept credit card payment) and i'm not happy with the lv that i bought...maybe you can share which lv u got coz mine (monogram canvass)was far off from my authentic one when i compared it especially the hardwares. i ended up giving it to my sister...i got a burberry bag though from them and it's lovely!!!it's true that there's no perfect replica site so we gotta help each other to find the best knock off in the market! cheers :)

alice said...

hi guru!!
i have been looking around for at least 3 weeks now..
its still hard to find the RIGHT ONE*

i some stuff from ordered from cnreplicabags and i reallized they dont have serial number on their products :( but good quality!!

anyway im trying to get this..

could you take a look for me please?
or should i just go with


they look the same to me, but its doubled the price..

hmmm what would you do master GURU?

oh! and plus, im planning to get

this one also..
do you think its a bad replica?

The GURU said...


How ar ya? I'm not a fan of DAMIER Azur Replicas. I will write a new post with my explinations.

But if I was to buy one, then I would go with the Sight Focus option.

Thanks for reading!

The GURU said...


How ar ya? I'm not a fan of DAMIER Azur Replicas. I will write a new post with my explinations.

But if I was to buy one, then I would go with the Sight Focus option.

Thanks for reading!

Anonymous said...

Has anyone heard anything about this site? I am looking at some replica chanel sunglasses. Any feedback would be appreciated! Thanks!

Anonymous said...

hey thinking of buying this bag from

any thoughts on this website?...

Anonymous said...

hey ladies (and gents!) i took the plung and tried out sanm!
yes, dealing with Western Union was very scary but i only placed an order for 1 pair of CL shoes to be on the safe side. sanm had GREAT communiation and shipped my shoes quickly. the shoes are great and fit like a glove. i am def going to order from sanm again!

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