Sunday, September 27, 2009

Site Review ~ ...What do you think?

Has anyone shopped here before?

Well at first glance...I was kinda writing this site off in my head. I mean the layout, quality of the pictures on the first page, I just was not impressed.

But, I am commited to this task I have given I clicked on a bag...knowing I would  hate them. Knowing they would be random stock pics...showing the worst details....the fakest fakes....everything I hate about the quest for the perfect replica.

Ha!!! Pleasantly suprised! 

- They have taken personal pictures of all the bags I happened to randomly clicked on.
- They have a great selection!!!
- Large selection from all the Main High-end Designers
- free shipping
-I like that they explain each product in detail. These guys are very serious!
- they accept credit cards and Western Union

Check out the NEW RELEASES and UPCOMING Styles! Not too shabby!

The lighting for these pictures are really bad, so I had to try and take an unbiased look at the details etc. If you get beyond the quality of the pictures...the bags themselves look good.

Beware of:

- the Limited edition and  trendy bags listed.....I cant really tell the quality .
- I am not 100% certain of the interior lining on some of these watch for that if it matters to you. (It matters to me)
- Why no Chanel???

By now you know me, I always worry about bags from the fashion shows that  designers did not make for mainstream use...Make certain it exists before you buy.

Stay away from the Fendi. What? Did Fendi make all those??? I don't remember seeing the likes of that on the Spy bags from 3 -4 years ago.

Check out Dior, Bottega and Valentino. LV is nothing special. Although it seems as though the Alma I am looking for is carried by this site!

(My one concern with Valentino are the ruffled folds of the flowers...alot of replicators have difficulty replicating this detail correctly. These do not look so bad. I might carry one myself.)

Lets all continue watching this site. If anyone has purchased from here, please let us know!

I WOULD feel comfortable buying from this site.


Rachael said...

Ordered from them today (as their selection is better than Runway for Dior)...we'll see...

Anonymous said...

Hi Rachael,

Let us know how it goes and how satisfied you are with the Dior bag. I too like their collection. If you have a good experience, I would like to order too.


Anonymous said...

Hi all, I found the Bottega Veneta I was looking for on The lining they say is textile, while the original is supposed to have suede lining. That's quite a bit of difference I think!!

Highreplica and runwayhandbags both seem to have suede lining (at least the description says so), but a very limited collection of Bottega Venetas :(

This could be a one-off convenient mistake by exacthandbags. But when ordering from this site, I would recommend checking the original brand website to make sure you are getting the exact thing if it does matter to you.

The GURU said...

Thanks for that suggestion! I will keep my eye out for any good Bottegas for you!

Anonymous said...

Hey Guru,

I should thank you! It was your observation about lining at exacthandbags that made me observe this and not end up with a replica I would never feel like using! Very well observed!

Your blog is great!! I've told my sister and Mom and friends that with the help of your suggestions, I can get them whatever bag they've liked in great quality! They've already started sending me their lists :D

- Vicky

Majesty30 said...

Don't put it off any longer and go forward with your purchase. I shop there monthly and the next bag I receive is just as stunningly well made as the last. These guys do not miss a beat! Even the smallest detail is carefully considered. The photos are exactly of the item you will receive. Furthermore, let me add that these guys have mastered the art of the Prada bag. Most online replica sites usually make mistakes on the meticulous placement of the letters on the finished product. That is something you do not have to worry about with exacthandbag. They've got it down packed. Enjoy!

Majesty30 said...

2 other great websites to check out are {} and {}. Both are operated by the same vendor. The merchandise is very well executed and the photos shown on the websites are exactly of the bag (item) you'll receive. I've purchased bags such as Vuitton, Prada, Chanel and Miu Miu all of which are reproduced as closely as aesthetically possible to its original. All arrive with that leather smell we've all come to recognize as the scent of luxury. I'm so glad I found them

Singapore Make-Up Artist said...

Hi, just wanna say, "Great Job!" for creating this blog. It's good awareness for people like us who are new to purchasing replica handbags.

I was just browsing and was speaking with their sales rep via live chat, i must say the service is good.

However...i am starting to doubt them because they are affiliated to and many unhappy customers have written bag reviews about their experience with and someone actually warned us to stay away from this list of websites as they are all from the same company. Pls advice Replica Guru if it's safe for me to go ahead and order an LV Neverfull Bag from Exacthandbag or not...

The list of websites which a reviewer from Site Jabber told us to stay far away from:

CC said...

Hi Singapore make-up artist, I know its been a while but I just wanted to see if you found a good site for a neverfull? Im in search for one and so stuck. Hard to tell by picture if the interior color is dead on. Thanks for your help!

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seellis70 said...

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seellis70 said...

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seellis70 said...

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marco josue said...

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Anonymous said...

I bought a handbag from It arrived today. Shipping only took 7 days. The bag I bought is very high quality leather and exactly as depicted in the pictures. I am very happy with this purchase.

Anonymous said...

I ordered a watch almost 2 weeks ago. I recieved an email with a tracking number a week ago. The tracking number doesn't work and my 3 emails to have been unanswered. I think maybe customer support doesn't exist.We live and learn.

Anonymous said...

I'd like to buy one of those bags but i''m worry to be fucked up:/
They seems nice and gorgeous...anybody else made an order on this website?

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Corum said...

Hi Rachael, Let us know how it goes and how satisfied you are with the Dior bag. I too like their collection. If you have a good experience, I would like to order too. Thanks! Vicky

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