Friday, September 25, 2009

Site Review ~ ~~ I likey!!! Site Update today.

This site tickeles my toes!!
The prices are reasonable and many (not all) of the goods have multiple view pictures. Always a great thing.

The Low-down!

This site carries everything! With a capital E!!! Bags, Shoes, Jewelry, Scarfs, goodness...I am overwhelmed by the potential this site has!
The sites sent it's New Item Updates today to everyone who is registered with them. I think this means they are a legit business. Yay! I  decided to investigate what the site has to offer. I am focusing on 3 main things, Quality,Variety, 7star Replica Standard.

Here goes-

Shoes: I love the attention to detail on the pics. Most of the shoes offer several views and good close ups. I'm feeling the Loubou Thigh Highs. $179.99. Best price I've seen so far. But most importantly, the pics show what apprears to be their worker wearing them. Not standard stock pic! So it gives a better idea for look etc!

The Black Gucci Snow boots are cute. Did Gucci make'em?  I'll find out this weekend if Gucci did. The other Gucci boots?
Check out the Gucci black Gladiator style heels!Cute!

I also Love, Love , LOVE these Jimmy Choo Patent leather Sandals. Simply Beautiful. Construction seems good. They appear to be the same stock photo used widely accross them web...but this site claims to have a 41!

 A pair of Hot Pink loubous also tickled my fancy...$50 from the sale section! hmmm? Are they any good?

Handbags: I did my standard search of the LV's, Gucci and Chanel. Not really liking the gucci bags. It could just be the quality of pictures but they don't look well made to me. What do you all think? Comments.
The Chanels seem pretty good. From what I can tell most of them passed the intial picture inspection...the rest, well we gotta wait and see.

Clothes: They have Graffiti Leggings!!! I have always wanted a pair and was willing to buy the in the LV Boutique but they had sold out...almost before they hit the shelves! Should I get a pair? Is it too last season?

I can't really say I would ever buy replica clothes...Except maybe the leggings I mentioned.
They have a SALE section:
I am ordering something from the sale just to see if these items are compromised in anyway.

As always...this site Does carry items that were never made by the designers. Beware....
That not with standing...I think a purchase is in order ladies!

I will let you know what happens!


Saddie said...

Please post pictures of your shoes when you get them. I'd love to see how they look. I'm a size 41 too. YOUR BLOG IS PRETTY COOL TOO! I enjoy the way you write. Kinda funny. Thanks.

The GURU said...

Will do Saddie! Please keep reading!

Anonymous said...

Any updates? Did they send you the shoes?

Candy said...

where is,I can only find

Anonymous said...

Hi Candy, is now I am thinking of ordering from them but I just did some research on companies that only accept Western Union payments. Most of them are scams but I don't think is a scam company. Gloria

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