Sunday, September 27, 2009

Site Review ~ : Custom Replica Shoes! Really???

Ok! Can this be possible? This site claims to beable to custom make any style shoe, and anysize.

I am assuming they must be a manufacturer or the like would it be possible?

Lets see: I sent an email with a picture of these...

I want them in a 42 in black! pssst!...These are Christian Louboutins....coveted...Mesh and Suede Thigh Highs.....yummy!

Anywhoo... they said they could custom make the ankle boots ( they exist in the "real world" ) but the above would be a work in progress...could I give them some time?

HA, HA, HA! Of course! I am goin to get the Alexander McQueen ankle boots just to try...while I wait.

I'll keep you all posted! Gotta send a quick email to find out the price and shipping.

What do you guys think??? A good thing? or Too good to be true?


Rachael said...

sounds too good to be true to me. (I once found a company that said they could custom make any wedding dress replica...oh they could replicate alright- pure garbage!) Do they have photos of shoes they've done? I'd be curious, but sounds too amazing to be true.

The GURU said...

Rchael! I know. But how wonderful would it be if we could get our fav shoes of the season replicated? goodness. lol

Pradanut said...

Hi Guru,

Just found this site has about 286 Louboutin's! I want about 1/2 of them... Size 42 also:) I noticed an image for a Prada 2009/10 nappa hobo is the same image as on highreplicamall, is this a usual thing??


Anonymous said...

So, any update on this?

I found this site in a random Google search and want to try them out, but I'm afraid it's all a scam. It really does sound too good to be true!

Anonymous said...

Did iyou order the mcqueen shoes? Was it a scam or not? Im thinking of buying the paola louboutin snakeskin boots from them, but im a bit weary now. Let us know what the mcqueens were like!

Anonymous said...

This is Elena from Romania. I was about to make my first order from China fro YSL&CH.LOUBOUTIN SHOES FROM WWW.NICEYSL.COM-BUDDY CHEN and your blog dreaw my attention. So..did you incure any problems with this site?
Does anybody know?Should I place an order or not?
What do you know about this site or "Gentlemen?"
Do you know similar replica shoes sites?
Thank you

Anonymous said...

I was about to make an order too. But i want to know of any ones expericne of this site first. also waiting for a verifitcation that this is a registered company and not a scam. Ill post when i find out

Custom Paper Writing said...

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Anonymous said...

Elena again from Romania.
What are you reviews for this
Has anybody place an order up to this moment?
Thank you

Aiweishoes said...

dear Guru

how are you?

Why do you write blog like that????

you never pay us so we do not prepare to produce shoe like that for you, Now some new customer think we are cheater when see this blog!!!

it is serious , please adjust it!!!

dear all new customer, we are not scam, There are our customer in USA, UK,FRANCE ,UKRAINE, SPAIN, Romania, many city

we can send shoe to our customer in the city which you stay or near to you first!!!

and then you can check , no need pay us first, when you satisfy ,then pay,

please ,Guru!!! Adjust the blog or delete

thanks very much


xay said...

Hi buddy, The Guru did not say you were scam or cheater, she just wrote that she may order some shoes from you first to see how good they were. We are just looking for someone who has order from you before.

Anonymous said...

Hi there
How is everybody?
I 've just seen the AIWEI SHOES is very strange since i thought that niceysl and aiwei were different companies.But appears that Buddy Chen is the same for everybody and he has 3 different sites?! How come?I have kept correspondence to 2 of them and they didn't mention anything and the prices were different. It's something fishy here. If not, dear Mr Buddy please make this clear for us. I really would like to order from you..but something doesn't match.
Mr Buddy i didn't say you were scam i just asked around and checked around as any ordinary person would do..since there are a lot of cheaters and scams around..SO I REPEAT MYSELF:NOBODY CALLED YOU A CHEATER OR A SCAM..
YOU SAID YOU WOULD SEND SHOES WITHOUT PAYING IN ADVANCE..ONLY AFTER CHECKING QUALITY?OK..LET'S DO THIS AND CLEAR THIS OUT ONCE AND FOR ALL. Just send me the shoes and then I will inform everybody not only you're not a SCAM but that you're an HONEST AND an existing company,ok? HOW IS THAT?
Chech this by the way: also:
Thank you
See you around

Anonymous said...

so what was the outcome here? any new update?
i am dying to order a pair of CL shoes but i am so nervous since i was scammed on ioffer.
can you tell me your favorite site for Louboutin shoes? thanks so much!

Anonymous said...

Well..wait a little bit..I placed my order on and still pending.
I will let you know when and if i receive my order. be trusted. are ok and can be trusted. These are clothes sites.
I will keep you informed.

Maddex said...

Any updates on this site.. I am dying to purchase from them

Anonymous said...

Hi, Maddex
You can order and you can trust this site.
this is the Picasa Album link.Just visit it..
I have already ordered and they can be trusted.

L said...

When you say Aiweishoes can be trusted do you mean that they sell AAAAA+ replicas/ mirror imagage? Or do you simply mean you bought a pair of shoes and they actually mailed you a pair of shoes. what is the quality? comfort level? are they easily detected as replicas/fakes?

Anonymous said...

For "L"

I mean i was very happy and satisfied with my product-in my case as i mentioned before it was a pair of YSL TRIBUTE BOOTS and they are gorgeous. Now, to be honest i really cannot make the difference between these and the real ones since I've never had a real pair. This is the truth.But, as i said i have made my researches and i have seen on web also original ones and there's no difference. Maybe you'll find one, dear L.
Just go to the and visit it.You'll find many useful information.
I am about to order more from Buddy. He is a really nice guy.
I hope I helped you somehow..But then again oppinions on same product can be different as you might know..This is only my oppinion..As per the man, you can trust him, as per your high demands and requests you can only make a choice.

Have a nice day

L said...

Thanks Elena,

I am waiting on responses to a few questions that I asked Buddy. I hope all goes well. the last vendor in China I used messed up the order multiple times, I had to pay to correct the problem, and she was not customer friendly. I ordered some CL shoes from another site andI am still waiting on them to arrive. If I don't like them I have to figure out a way to get ride of them (mailing them back is entirely too exspensive).

Anonymous said...

Dear L
I hope everything goes well this time for you.
Be very specific to Buddy and tell him in details what you want so that there'll be no confussion at all..he is very nice.:)


amy said...

so what's the bottom line here? Can I order from or not? I want to know from someone flat out whether or not this site is a scam or not. Please someone, if you have ordered from this site, tell me YES or NO. Did you get your order? Is this for real? I'm dying for a pair of YSL Tribtoos. HELP ME!

Anonymous said...

"For Amy"

Yes,you may order, dear Amy. Haven't you read the coments on this topic?:)
It's ok and can be trusted. I have ordered YSL TRIBUTE PUMP and they are gorgeous -as i said before.

So, go ahead and order. I hope you'll be be satisfied also.
Oh..i have almost forgot..chinese people have a holiday coming these days-I think on Febr 9th and they're not going to be available for a week or so. At least, this is what Buddy(contact person from NICEYSL) told me last time i talked to him.So, if you don't get an answer ,this is the reason .
I wish you best

Anonymous said...

has anyone tried they have a really great selection. just want to know if anyone has ordered from there and if it worked out.

L said...

Anonymous seems to have very high prices. you can prob. find whichever shoe you are looking for much cheaper on other sites. try googling CLreplica and looking at the sites that pop up.

Anonymous said...

has anyone used They are based out of California, and I feel a little better about that than ordering from China for some reason. I would also be interested to know if anyone's found a reputable replica shoe site that accepts paypal. Thanks ladies!

L said...

wow. they are based in CA? I would say if you order from them get express shipping because you don't want your item to never get to you because the FEDs came and arrested them for selling counterfeit products before they could ship your items out.

Anonymous said...

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Jamie said...

Is klvogue realy a trusted site because they are listed as scammers has anyone bought from them? and in the comment section on niceysl he doesn't have great feedback whats goin on?

Anonymous said...

I have purchased a pair of shoes from Buddy Chen and the first time, I paid using PayPal and got my shoes. The second time, he said he was having issues with PayPal and asked me to use Western Union. Since I had done business with him before, I decided to trust him. Big mistake. Never got the shoes, never heard from him again.

Anonymous said...


How can we email/contact you off list?

Anonymous said...

Hi Guru,

I've been planning to buy replica handbags and boy, am i glad i found your site. anyway, i found a website i already talked to someone from the site. they have a lot of selection to choose from. i was wondering if you could check it out to see if it's legit. it seems liek it is.

anyway, with your LV replicas, are they made of real leather? i've been wanting the neverful GM, do they make good replicas with this style? because i know that there are some styles thta they can't just copy perfectly. thanks in advance!

Anonymous said...

Here is a list of scam sites (not full of course)

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Anonymous said...

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