Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Site Review ~ ~ Pros and Cons

Not a bad site. They have a lot of stuff so take your time and scroll through.
The Bags are not too bad. Some are better made than others. Please Refer to the - Authentic Replica Guide- for help.

I ordered a Gucci Bag, Chanel bag and LV scarfs from this site. The Chanel was not that great. I ended uop giving it to a friend because I just could not use it. The Gucci and the LV Scarfs turned out to be very nice buys.
KNOW YOUR STUFF BEFORE YOU BUY!!!  Feel free to post pics if you need help in determining quality etc.
I am thinking of trying a pair of shoes from this site. I'll keep you posted.

Large Product Inventory and Variety!
Good Customer Service
Great Prices
No minimum order requirements
Easy to navigate website
Emailed Website Updates - if you sign up.

Carries a lot of never made bags
Some bags are not 7star Replicas
Shipping cost...(ok)...I prefer free!

OVERALL: A great site to browse for accessories. They do have several well made bags, your just going to have to know your stuff before buying.

Yeah, I would shop here again.

Have you ever purchased anything from this site? What was your experience? Please comment!


Anonymous said...

Have you bought anything from You haven't listed any pros and cons for that one..Is that site ok too?

The GURU said...

Opps! Totally skipped it. I'll get to that one tonight.

Thanks for noticing!

Anonymous said...

Hi Guru, I just received my first order from vancofashion & wanted to share my experience with you. I ordered a chanel 2.55 and a LV damier belt. The belt is incredible. The staff is very helpful & very good about answering questions and providing tracking information. The 2.55 IMO is good - i compared it to a lot of others on other sites, including ebay, but i would love your opinion. Is there any way I can send you pictures of it? There is no Chanel store in my city to compare it myself.

The GURU said...


Sure I'd love to see your new bag!

My address is feel free to send any pics you wish!

Congrats on your purchase! Please send pics of the inside of the bag, and outside bottom of the bag. I especially would like to see the seams along the edges....hope I haven't confused u!

I will let you know my findings! Take care!!!

Jeff said...

Which Chanel bag did you order? What was wrong with it.

Also, I wanted to share with you

Hopefully you have some information on both


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Anonymous said...

i saw that vanco fashion and cnreplicabag had the same pictures for the chanel maxi jumbos so i emailed vancofashion and they said its because they have the same supplire or such but they both have different prices, vancofashion’s chanel maxi jumbos are cheaper, but i wanted to know who you thought i should purchase from since you have already brought from both and have a better review for cnreplica if im not mistaken.
(bdw im new here and didnt know how to email you or anything so thought i should comment here)
thankyou! x

bianca said...

(from person above)
oh and my email is
please reply as soon as possible i want to make an order soon
thankyou x

Anonymous said...

I ordered from vancofashion - payed with Western Union, but nothing received. No answer, no money, no bags! Can you help me? What to do?

thank you very much.

Anonymous said...

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