Saturday, October 10, 2009

Bags I just ordered and where I got them - Introduction

Hello all!

I have had the busiest two weeks of travel, entertaining and shopping! Crazy stuff! Anyhoo, I am back with a lot of great information to share with you all!!!

First off -

I have great photos and links to some websites that I have placed new orders from. It took a lot of research, and window shopping...but I think I have found some great options so stick with me! I am going to do a series of mini blogs so it will be easier to find in our archives for new readers.

As promised, I am placing several orders from various sites both tried and true, and never been tried before. Then we will track the orders and see what happens. For most of my orders I use Western Union, however for those I feel uncomfortable with etc..then it's Credit Cards or Paypal.

Well enjoy!


Rachael said...

Wow, use Western Union?

I've never, ever felt safe to do this because (obviously) once you send $$ it's gone forever. Have you ever had any trouble with this? Is there any significant benefit to ordering this way??

The GURU said...

Lol! Rachael,

Yes, I am a daring soul! *smiling*

On some sites like runway etc you get a discount for using Western Union, other sites like cnreplicabag do not accept CC or Paypal so that turns out to be my only option.

I have been burned (2x) with Western Union (about the same # of times with CC). but they were for small purchases. I always got the items but the quality was poor. I try when possible (if there is any benefit) to use CC and paypal at least for intial purchases and then if I'm happy, I bust out my Western Union. So far so good. In the last year no problems.

Thats why I look so hard at sites and what they carry. I pay attention to the little details of operations like, how often they update the site, number of new items etc. That kinda lets me know how legit operations are. I do web complaint searches and check blogs etc.

I order several bags a year...both Authentic and Replica, so for me the risk is "worth it" ... kinda? It bugs me, I hate to lose my money, but I can't help but try.

But I always say...don't do what I do. Do what makes you comfortable. Runway and Cnreplica I've used a couple times before. I'm comfortable with them.

Wish me luck!!! And yes everyone...Western Union can be very dangerous. I'm a professional! LOL!


Anonymous said...

hi! i've been looking for really excellent prada replicas. which site would you highly recommend? thanks!

Rachael said...

Guru: but you've never had trouble with WU when using CNreplica and Runway, yeah?

I'm willing to take your word, if that's been your experience.

Anonymous said...

HELP!!! I've spent weeks looking at all the info out there about replica bags, whose good whose not etc. What I'm looking for is a 35cm Orange Croc Birkin and a Dogon wallet - where should I go to get a) a good replica and b) a decent price. There's so much back and forth out there I feel like giving up

The GURU said...

Hey Rachael!
How have you been? Right. I've never had problems with those two sites. Now read my review on CNREPLICABAG. Sanm is a scary man, but you will get your goods. I'm happy with it so far. Good Luck!

The GURU said...

Oh no! Don't give up. Check out the sites I listed under tried and true. I've never looked for that particular Hermes but we can start now. I'll get some Hermes Reviews going shortly.

Thanks for reading! Lots of new posts!

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