Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Making the Blog easier to use.

Well the blog has grown alot since I started blogging on a whim a little over a month ago! With so many new users and so much information to sort through I thought it might be wise to add some simple tools to make it easier to navigate arouns the site.

The Comments Section  has been enhanced a bit. Now when you click on the comment link under a post, the comments will open in a small window (pop-up) above the current page. This will ensure that a. you don't navigate away from the page and lose your spot. and b. will make it easier for you to reference information in the post, or in previous comments.

I also added the Search This Blog tool (upper right hand search bar). This will allow you to type in specific titles, websites, keywords etc of our previous posts and discussions.  This only works however if the information you are looking for has been discussed previously.

Easy to Email Posts to friends. Under each post is an "Envelope Icon" you can use this forum to send articles you want your friends to read directly to their email addresses etc.

Because of the nature of our blog...and the importance of confidentiality I have decided NOT to add the followers list on the site. Rest assured...I will not post information on who is following our site.

I will keep on working to improve Our Blog!

Please Keep reading and Enjoy!

I hope this helps!!!


Anonymous said...

Hi! Super glad you're back! We felt abandoned & helpless : ) I've been checking out phoenix-luxury.com, looks good but haven't ordered yet. Any comments/feedback on them? Thanks and welcome back!

Anonymous said...

Hi, I am planning to order a bag from CNReplica. But I am a little worried about customs / taxes. Has any one had any problem on this front? Please share....

Destination country: Preferably UK. But I have friends in the US and Asia whom I keep visiting, so would shipping there be a better idea?

Cecil said...

hi, I wasn't sure where to leave my comment, but I decided to leave it on the newest post!

I was checking out Louis Vuitton Vernis Rosewood in runwayhandbags.net, and found out that it's not the exact copy of the original!

1)if you look at the very end of the zippered opening (the triangular shaped one), it's actually missing the gold button!

2) the tag. it is quite off.
it should be smoother, and the font size&spacing are also off.

compare it with the authentic ones.
I checked with several.

grade AAA? I don't think so :(
I'm not sure about their other bags, but for this particular one anyone can detect that it's a fake!
I'm kind of disappointed..
maybe I'll try the other one.

hope I helped!

Anonymous said...

thanks for that cecil, the more we all look the more things we see. its all about passing on info and experiences, which is all helpful, especially as replicas can be so hit and miss and lets be honest its illegal so we dont have much discourse if things go wrong


The GURU said...

So true Sara! It really is hit or miss. It's up to us to really research the bags before buying. Even the best most reliable site can have a poorly made, or poor replica bag on their site. This is why I find it very important to research the bags and several sites to find the best item.

Thanks to Cecil for pointing that out to us. I will list it in a nes topic so everyone can beware!

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