Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Coach Replicas ~~~~~

Hello Coach Lovers!

This site may not be for you.....

I can't review anything regarding Coach. Mainly because I really do not know anything about Coach. Also because I don't see the point in buying a Coach Replica. All the Coach Replicas I have glanced at, while trying to get to the Gucci next to it...are priced exactly in the same range as the High-End Designer Replicas....so why not just get the Original?

I'm just saying?

No offense to any Coach lovers out there...I just got a couple of requests and I am sooo sorry to say I cannot help! I wish I could but I can't.

Side Note:

Please don't get me wrong. I think Coach is a great designer and the bags and their quality are great! I love the styles etc. Great stuff. I'm just not that into it for buying. For myself. Thats all. The Replicas anyway. Nothing personal.

Ok...I just had to say that.

Happy Reading to all.


Anonymous said...

i love coach. but yeah, it isnt so expensive, so the authentic ones are quite affordable. for those looking for a deal on coach, try out outlet stores (usually in the city outskirts) where i have seen coach factory outlets offer discounted prices. from 20% - 70% off. i saw some last season wallets for just 75 dollars.

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