Sunday, October 4, 2009

Purple YSL Shoes- From my collection

These YSL shoes were bought from back in July or so of this year. I got this purple and a black version as well. I havent worn these yet.

These shoes are a great example of a well made replica- everything from the box to the shoe is perfect. Close up on the shoe you can see some imperfections, but really ...your feet would have to be in the inspectors face for them to see it!

I think these shoes are great and are very well made. Its a 4.5 or 5 inch heal.


Anne said...

Wow, these are so nice... they make me drool LOL! My wishlist just keeps getting longer... but what fun it is to have one!

I currently have my eyes on a pair of standard regular Louboutins and a less formal pair of Fendi flats. What's your opinion on these
(2) (not a 7 star, but a 5 star this one)

Oh and these Guccis as well LOL

And your blog is pretty awesome! I like the way you write. Thanks for all the information and keep up the good work!

The GURU said...

Hi Anne,

Well, I think the Lobous are very cute! You should get those. The Fendi shoes are hard for me cause they look poorly made but...they are only $15 so if you like em then you might as well throw them in with the other things you buy.

With the Gucci...I really can't tell if they are well made or not. He has them listed under 7star so they should be good. Maybe ask for more pictures??

Either way, I have been pretty happy with the shoes I have bought from this site!

Enjoy! And thank you so much for reading!

Anne said...

Thanks Guru!! You a saviour! Loubs, here I come :)

The GURU said...


Julie said...


Have no clue how I came across this site, but they have decent shoe selection and shipping is already included into the price!

They seem to be well made, but want you to have a look see. Also a few days ago they didn't have detail pics, but the Loubous now have detailed pics. The other shoes may not as I think they're still updating the site. Tell me what you think.

The GURU said...


I'm going to check out this site and let you know the outcome! I always worry about these Ioffer things...but we'll see!

Thanks for reading. I was gone for while but now I'm back.

Tony said...

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